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Why you should use a food waste management business!

Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, carbon emissions have dropped dramatically and we have had a taste of a greener world, but scientists are already warning that the effects won’t last without significant changes to lifestyle and business operations.

So how do we continue to ease our environmental impact, adopt better sustainable practices and ensure we don’t revert to our old ways?

As we rebuild our economy, we need to reset so we can sustain the benefits realised and tackle environmental issues going forward. But why should businesses adopt environmental values? And how can they become a net-zero carbon emission business by 2050?

Kevin Quigley, shares three reasons why businesses should use a food waste management business:


Food waste is a subject that is very close to our hearts at Warrens Group and tackling the issue is an important part of our goal to help our customers become more environmentally-friendly. Businesses are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint and their clients are also interested in making positive changes where they can. It’s therefore important to remember that customers will look at your environmental credentials when they consider using your services or buying a product. Using a food waste management service, like us is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and be greener relatively effortlessly. It may even help you win new customers in the process.




Businesses have a duty of care to dispose of waste in the right way. This is essentially a legal expectation that a company will document, store, separate and dispose of waste responsibly in line with UK laws. Failure to do so could result in monetary penalties and potentially a revoked trading license. This can be an overwhelming responsibility for smaller business owners who are already struggling with the new norms imposed by the Government due to Covid-19. Warrens Group can help to ease the burden and ensure waste is dealt with appropriately.





We are keen to help businesses get more involved with food-waste recycling, and help owners to consider more cost-effective options. We offer a flexible and adaptable service to meet your needs, big or small. As a business ourselves, we know that owners need to focus their energy on operating, succeeding and evolving, not dealing with a growing mountain of waste without any support. Disposing of waste alone could eat into valuable time and negatively impact your growth and success. By using our cost-effective food waste collection service, you’ll have more time to concentrate on what really matters – your business!



If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution that means your waste will go to a recycling facility rather than rotting in landfill, then contact us today