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Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure Centre

Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure Centre in Cramlington, Northumberland, houses 110 shops, restaurants and a nine-screen cinema.

In a bid to increase its dry recycling rates it secured the services of Warrens to recycle its food waste. The firm wanted to ensure it was acting sustainably to meet its own standards for environmental best practice. Between September 2014 and May 2015 Manor Walks removed 2.5 tonnes of food waste from its existing waste streams, and diverted it from landfill. Setting up the scheme involved an intensive education process, and working closely with the shopping centre’s tenants to modify their operations and segregate food waste at source.

Vikki Mather, Marketing Officer at Manor Walks, said: “Retailers at the centre are involved too, and all are great advocates of the scheme. Everyone that agreed to take part at the start is still participating.” “Food Fuel has helped to change peoples’ habits.” Vikki said all restaurants and food outlets at Manor Walks participate in the scheme.