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Working as a sustainable business

Over recent years, being ethical and sustainable has become more than just a fad or buzz word and is now an important factor to remaining competitive and attractive in today’s world. We believe that sustainability has real benefits when integrated into business operations.

Clean or sustainable transportation is one part of the solution when it comes to a more sustainable future, as the transport sector accounts for one third of global energy demand and 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Air pollution also cuts short an estimated 40,000 lives across the UK each year, at a cost of £20 billion annually, with children, the elderly, and those with existing medical conditions at the greatest risk1.

This makes transport a significant area of focus and the industry has a responsibility to change its ways, moving away from a reliance on fossil-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

Earlier this year, we won the Low Carbon Transport award for our commitment to the people and environment we serve. We identified that within our business our fleet would deliver the most impact from use of natural gas. We currently operate in the region of thirty-five heavy goods vehicles and became the first company in the UK to operate a biomethane collection truck that is powered by the food waste that it collects. We are also proud to have recently committed to replacing all of our diesel vehicles by 2025.

By moving from diesel vehicles, our new bio-gas powered trucks not only deliver on our sustainable vision for dramatically reduced CO2 emissions of up to 84%, but they exceed our expectations in staff engagement and driver satisfaction, proving to reduce driver fatigue by providing a 50% quieter and cleaner driver experience.

These trucks represent great step forward for a more sustainable future. Just like any strategy there is no “one right solution” on how to do things in business but it is becoming increasingly clear that sustainability is a mega-trend that simply isn’t going away!


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