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Warrens Group Expansion: greater food waste capacity

Here at Warrens, we understand that 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, but behind the scenes we’ve been working hard doing our bit to try and make the world a better place!

Throughout 2020 and into this year we have been working on an expansion project which will help strengthen our company and the work we can do for the wider local community in the North East.

The investment that we’ve made is enabling us to create two new digestion tanks, with a big gas system upgrade, which in turn will increase our overall energy export capacity by 42% or 10,500m gas cubed without having to increase the footprint of our current site.

On top of the added benefits the expansion brings to our company and the work we can do, we’re also pleased to say that the expansion created opportunities for 12 contractors throughout the 18-month build. This is alongside the 2 full-time jobs that have been created with the Warrens Group team.

Jake Harrison, the Site Operations Manager said “The recent expansion project allows Warrens Emerald Biogas to further enhance its abilities as the leading Anaerobic Digestion facility in the north of England, to increase its processing capacity and serve even more local and national business to recycle their food waste in a sustainable and cost effective way. More food waste treated means more green energy into the local networks thus creating an enhanced natural synergy between food producers and their customers. WEBG simply creates the loop.”


Additional Biogas Produced – 44,203,500 m3

Additional Electricity Produced – 6,570,000 kwh

Additional Biomethane Produced – 48,666,666 kwh

So, what does this mean for our local community? Check out our animation below to find out…